The ENERGIZER Battery Company is committed to being the best in the business.  ENERGIZER provides consumers with products that deliver unsurpassed performance.

Long known as a leader in household and general use batteries, ENERGIZER pioneered and today leads the world in batteries for high technology devices.  Because high-tech devices demand more powerful batteries, ENERGIZER Battery engineered unsurpassed product lines like ENERGIZER Lithium and ENERGIZER Rechargeable batteries.

ENERGIZER Rechargeables are the best and longest lasting rechargeable batteries.  The come in a complete range of sizes, and are capable of up to 1000 recharges.  ENERGIZER has developed a complete line of innovative and stylish chargers for families and people on the go.  ENERGIZER works to make life easier for the consumer and profitable for the dealer.

The ENERGIZER Ultimate LITHIUM and Advanced LITHIUM batteries are the best in their class lasting up to 8X and 4X respectively longer than premium alkaline batteries.

ENERGIZER batteries are unsurpassed for performance, quality and value.  Don’t your customers deserve the best from ENERGIZER?

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