EPSON has been in the printing business for years, beginning with the dot-matrix printer that led US sales as far back as 1980.  Today, EPSON still leads the industry in digital imaging print technology.

EPSON has a wide assortment of inkjet papers for virtually all applications, from simple postcards, scrapbook images, and standard print images to professional and art papers.  EPSON’s Ultra Hi-Definition and “Signature Worthy” EXHIBITION FIBER Paper are two examples.

EPSON Inks are formulated to produce superior quality and greater reliability for longer print life.  While other brands of inks may cost less, EPSON inks have been verified to outperform and produce more quality prints per cartridge than third party ink brands.  DURABrite, Claria Hi-Definition, and ULTRAChrome K3 are some of the categories of superior EPSON Inks that combine with EPSON Papers to produce award winning prints.

EPSON’s carefully matched combinations of papers and inks provide the user with consistent results that are designed to match or exceed the image quality and longevity of traditional color photographs.  Additionally, EPSON systems can produce museum quality B&W prints.


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