Our Promise

We built International Supplies upon a foundation of integrity, quality, service, and low prices. We don't believe that high-pressure, low-margin model is the only way to do business. We feel that it is not only possible but necessary to offer both low prices and personal service to the customer. It's always been you, the independent retailer, with a knowledgeable staff committed to the product line, that has built the market--a market that the anonymous big-box stores then steal away with the lure of rock-bottom pricing. By offering you inventory at nets that allow you to match mass merchant pricing, we make life better for you, for us, and for the customer. We are here to leverage your buying power and make it possible for the independent merchant to compete with the big guys.

We stock large quantities in our warehouse so you don't have to, and we pass our savings on to you. We offer prepaid shipping on orders of $1000 or more to qualified photo or imaging retailers on almost everything we sell (except for Oriental USA), and you may assort products to qualify. It doesn't have to be hard to compete. And it is easy: you can order from your trusted professional representative, or you can just call us.