Yasuhara Co. Ltd. was founded in 1998 by Yasuhara Shin, a camera engineer whose career included the Contax division of Kyocera. His company is focused on creating equipment that was extremely high quality and designed for a specialized purpose. His creations include artisan built 35mm rangefinder cameras and exceptionally high quality lenses.

In 2010, Yasuhara created an extreme close up lens, the NANOHAx5 that has the finest optical quality and a solid professional build. This lens is completely unique in the photography world, able to shoot 11-19mm away from the subject resulting in a 4-5X magnification of the subject. It also incorporates a built-in lighting system.

Their latest product is another completely unique lens to the photo marketplace. The MADOKA 180 is the only full circular fisheye lens made for a digital camera. A focal length of 7.3mm produces a full 180° image. Combined with software Yasuhara developed called WALP, a photographer can, by shooting straight up, create a rectangular panoramic photo that gives a 360° scenic view taken in one photo with no moving parts that other panoramic cameras must have.

At Photokina 2012, Yasuhara Co. Ltd. will introduce the MADOKA 180 to the photographic industry.

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Yasuhara MADOKA 180 Fisheye Lens


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