Explorer Cases Provide Ultimate Camera and Gear Protection.

Virtually indestructible, waterproof cases that offer serious protection for those transporting valuable electronics and equipment, everything from camera gear to computers, optics, and even firearms.

Developed by GT Line, one of the leading global providers of smart transport bags, the Explorer Cases are made of a high quality Copolymer Polypropylene compound so they are extremely durable. They are also water tight, dust, chemical and humidity proof, and are built to withstand extreme temperatures from below 27.4 ° to above 194°F. Features include a jam-free manual pressure release valve and latches, an o-ring seal, large front handle and side handles for easy carry,  wheels with bearings and digital lock (optional). The Explorer Cases are available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, and can be purchased with or without internal customizable foam bedding, dividers or heavy duty padded divider bags and custom lid panel organizers. Shoulder straps are also available.

These cases are battle tested, completely Mil-Spec, and built to last. Plus, they are customizable and can be used for a number of applications: photo, video, film, military, law enforcement, outdoor and medical, so it’s extremely versatile. They also fall within TSA guidelines for easy transport.

The Explorer Line also includes a range of heavy duty padded bags and organizers in different sizes to suit various case models. They come with heavy duty padded synthetic fabric, durable zippers with nylon pulls, neoprene hook and loop side flaps, adjustable straps, and depending on the model, exterior padded zipped pouches for accessories. These bags can be used with the Co-Poly Propylene counterparts for transporting.


About GT Line

Founded in 1970 in Bologna, Italy, the GT LINE Company is widely recognized as a leading manufacturer of smart transportation solutions for professionals. They develop everything from GT LINE tool-cases for professional engineers; to WORKLINE, a range of soft bags and smart solutions for professionals and pro-DIY’s; to @HAND cases and bags for the mobile computing; and the latest brand, EXPLORER CASES, a range of waterproof watertight cases made in copolymer polypropylene, to guarantee the best protection for whatever professional equipment you need to carry in your journey around the world.


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