NEW Bluetooth loss prevention system that allows users to tag and keep track of their smart phones and belongings.

Never lose your keys, cell phone or wallet ever again!


You download the PROTAG App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store onto your mobile phone and create an online account. You then pair the PROTAG Duet with your phone and attach the device to one of your belongings -- your key, wallet, purse or even laptop.

Anytime your phone and the Duet tag are separated by more than 33 feet, they both sound off an alarm alerting you that either/or was left behind.




· 2-Way Protection alerts you immediately once your smart phone OR Duet is left behind.

· Built-in speaker makes the Duet easy to find.

· Press a button on the Duet and audibly ring your phone even if it’s in silent mode.

· Ring the Duet from your phone. Perfect if you forget where you put your keys!

· Its easy to replace battery lasts 6-8 months.

· The PROTAG App can keep track of up to 10 Duet-tagged items. Put one on your keys, wallet, purse, laptop, camera bag, etc.

· Use the App's Radar feature for those items much harder to locate.

· Set up WIFI safe zones so it does not alarm in familiar environments like your home or office.

· The Duet works in Airplane mode; Just turn on Bluetooth.

· Supports both iOS and Android Mobile Devices.



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Download the PROTAG Duet Brochure

Download the PROTAG Brochure


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