A New Approach to Safe Aiming

Steadify was created during extensive hunting in the wilderness. Oliver Greve and his companions, all of them experienced huntsmen, have taken the shooting stick principle one step further to gain more comfort and speed. This is vital in situations where every second counts and utmost precision is crucial.

Steadify leans on the tradition of the shooting stick, however, with one vital difference: utmost flexibility in any situation, under any circumstances. With little weight and just 9.7 inches (25 cm) length it is hands free attached to the hunter’s body. Here is the sting: Steadify works from the waist belt. It takes just one single hand move and two seconds to quietly activate Steadify ready for action.

• Quick spontaneous action in one single move • Attaches to the body for hands-free stalking • Absorbs gun’s weight in extensive aiming position • Independent of solid ground • Detachable ammunition magazine • Clear view with binoculars with large magnification

Steadify does not need solid ground but pins your target in any environment, under any circumstances. Heavy rifles are no problem to be held in extended aiming positions as  Steadify absorbs the weight. Even when sidestepping or changing position the eye will stay focused on the target. For binoculars with large magnification, Steadify offers a solid support proving to be especially helpful under low light conditions.

Download the Steadify Brochure