Developed and made in the USA, zMAX® is a pure Micro-lubricant® with molecules so small, they actually SOAK INTO METAL. The unique ability of zMAX Micro-lubricant to soak into metal gives zMAX a protective lubricating quality. Our advanced scientific, manufacturing process reformulates the molecular structure of the base product, creating molecules that are smaller than other lubricants and able to soak into metals, providing improved, long-lasting lubrication.


Since 1936, zMAX Micro-lubricant has been extending the life of vehicles plus improving performance, reducing emissions and increasing fuel mileage. Now this same proprietary formula is available for use in firearms. Special formulas have been created to provide denser lubrication, a benefit specifically for firearm cleaning and conditioning.

Protect and condition your firearm with BoltLube and Bore Cleaner and Conditioner. zMAX soaks into metal to help penetrate and condition the metal parts. Does not gum up.


zMAX disperses harmful carbon deposits The main issue that causes performance problems, whether in engines, transmissions, firearms, and more, is carbon deposit build-up. Build-up can cause excessive wear, reduced performance, and reduce the life of the item. The ability of zMAX Micro-lubricant to soak into the metal helps it to reduce harmful carbon deposits. zMAX literally dissipates carbon into small particles that can then be flushed out. This important quality allows zMAX Micro-lubricant to help

• Improve performance • Reduce wear on vital parts • Increase power • Reduce heat and friction • Reduce emissions (in vehicles)

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